At this point, I have done so many quests in the second Baldur’s Gate.

  • Neera’s quest was completed, saving a bunch of wild mages from a bunch of Red Wizards who are againjerks.
  • Rashaad’s quest was also completed, which involved trying to infiltrate a cult and failing at every step of the way and then sending that cult to their death against some Rashaad’s archenemy and his little army. We also saved a bear, which tied into Neera’s quest. Rashaad also kept hitting on my female half-elf and just won’t take the hint that she’s not interested.
  • We saved a circus!
  • We saved a troll-filled keep!
  • We stopped a second cult. There was a Beholder involved but we had some kind of special weapon we got from a long-lost divine avatar and wound up helping a bunch of people die. Most of these quests are simply making sure the right people die.
  • We helped a church build a statue! This involved tracking down a murderer from the first Baldur’s Gate and killing him.
  • We retrieved an amulet for a different church! By killing the one who stole it.
  • We accidentally killed a bunch of people in these hills, and found out that it was all a trick by some guy named Firkaag or something. I’m not looking it up. Anyway, we navigated his dungeon and then he expositioned at us for a bit but let us go and I guess at some point we’ll go back and kill this dragon. Oddly, we later ran into Firkaag at a dive bar in the main city and he acted like we had never met. I do wonder what would have happened if we had killed his human form.
  • We got a playhouse! You know, to do plays in. We got it by killing a bunch of people, trying to save some others, only saving like three of them, and then being given the playhouse as a gift. So far, we’ve only had to kill a few people while running it.
  • We managed to find an orphan a home without killing anyone. It was our proudest moment.
  • We managed to put a little boy’s ghost to rest by killing his killer and retrieving his teddy bear.
  • Jaheira got poisoned by some guy so we had to track him down and kill him.
  • We alerted a woman to the fact that her husband was cheating on her, and she was subsequently killed by a prostitute while we stood by and did nothing.
  • We freed a whole bunch of slaves! We killed all the slavers. That was how we did that.
  • We tracked down the tanner from before, found out he had aligned with a skin walker, and thwarted their plans to steal a young woman’s body.
  • By killing them, of course, but then we saved the young woman’s soul so that was nice.
  • We stopped a feud, kind of, but it wasn’t that big of a deal.

Finally, we got back to the quest at hand: saving Imoen! We handed over the money and were conscripted back into the guild war, between the Shadow Thieves and vampires. After navigating their tombs and killing as many as we could, we ran into their boss. This was a vampire named Bodhi, and she warned us she would see us again. Once we dealt with this, we were put on a boat and taken to the island where Spellhold lay. Spellhold is your basic super-villain prison, except with mages, and we had to fight some pirates to get enough information to get into the place. Once we were in, we discovered a bunch of imprisoned mages. This included Imoen and Irenicus, and we went off to confront the latter. This… did not go well.
Irenicus imprisoned my character, stole all of my god powers, and also Yoshimo betrayed the party. Then Bodhi showed up and tossed us underneath Spellhold, which was filled with monsters and crappy bard armor that didn’t even let me use spells while wearing it. Imoen was back, though, but she had abandoned her thief training so my typical ploy of “setting a bunch of traps and luring enemies onto them” was no longer a thing we could do. In any case, we got out of the Spellhold basement and gathered up all the imprisoned mages of Spellhold to go confront Irenicus and Bodhi. Oh, and I was now changing into a monster sometimes, often while sleeping, and then waking up and killing my party if they weren’t behind a locked door. Anyway, we confronted Irenicus, but he got away but left us to deal with all a bunch of assassins and that traitorous Yoshimo. I took his heart, and once all the assassins and all the poor mages were dead, we tried to escape but had to fight a bunch more pirates after deciding to ignore the magic portal to the Underdark. I had no desire to go into the Underdark. I have Monster Manuals and have seen what dwells underground in Dungeons and Dragons so sailing away was the only way to go.
Unfortunately, the captain we were sailing with (who had betrayed us twice at this point) betrayed us one last time and we were captured by a bunch of fish-men who drafted us into some sort of civil war. The first thing we did was find some artifact needed to talk to the rebel leader, who was actually the good guy. We actually managed to get the artifact without killing anyone or anything! We then had to fight a bunch of rebels anyway because someone didn’t get the memo that we had a trinket that was supposed to let them know we wanted to stop the civil war by reinstalling the rightful king. Once this task was done, we were on our way…

…right into the Underdark anyway. Son of a bitch. At this point, I was further in the game than I had ever gotten before. So I have no idea what lies ahead.