Here’s a new thing where I talk about characters I really don’t like and how maybe I’m being too hard on them. Today’s character is a black mark on a show that was kind of lackluster to begin with: Indy, from the 2003 animated Spider-Man series. It was supposedly based on the first movie and there were so many things working against it but we’re only here to talk about Indy. Here’s Indy.

She’s introduced as a non-Mary Jane love interest for people during an episode where Not-Vulture and his henchmen were attacking a television station. She’s immediately into him and from the first time she speaks, she proves to be almost completely insufferable which is odd because I think if I watched it now, I would have liked the character. At the time, I thought she was trying far too hard to be Peter’s manic pixie dream girl and all the emotional beats the writers thought the pair had rang completely false, up to and including when Peter and Indy slept together after some super villain attack. A mind-controlled Spider-Man winds up tossing her off a building and putting her into a coma, followed by the end of the series.

I don’t know what struck me as being so terrible about the character. I didn’t like her before the writers had her and Peter slept together, and from a wring stand-point, I can see why they included her. Since this series was based on the movie and was probably mandated to not do anything that could possibly mess with the continuity of the films, they couldn’t have Peter and Mary Jane pair up and it was an MTV show so Peter had to have romantic relations with someone. Did they have to make her so excessively annoying, though? Was she really that annoying, or am I exaggerating her attributes based on decade-old memories? I may have to follow this up and watch the series again. I will update you with my findings.