After finishing all the sidequests, the only thing left to do was finish up a bunch of nonsense around Baldur’s Gate and then finish off the Iron Throne and all that nonsense. This meant lots and lots of doppelgangers, but I had given my Blade a proficency in double bastard swords just so I could take advantage of two blades made to fight them. I cleared out a merchant’s guild called the Seven Suns (only doppelgangers) and, after finishing off some sewer quests, I had to go back to the game’s starting area, Candlekeep, where my party was framed for murder and I had to fight even more doppelgangers and mercenaries. Once this was done, it was back to Baldur’s Gate where the law was no longer on my side and I had to save the day from my evil half-brother, Saverok. After stopping him from killing both Grand Dukes of Baldur’s Gate and seizing power, we followed him to the Theieves’ Guild where more quests were offered. My XP was maxed out so I ignored them and barreled forward through their maze (undone with a Clairvoyance spell, which reveals the map) and then into the Undercity of Baldur’s Gate. Some more mercenaries stood in my way, but they were easily dispatched, and then it was time for the final battle. We defeated Saverok through liberal use of Wands of Fire on his henchmen and a smattering of traps between him and my party. By the time he got to us, we were fully healed and ready to party. We killed him quickly and then it was off to the new expansion, Siege of Dragonspear.

There’s a lot in this expansion, but it’s a lot more linear than the main Baldur’s Gate games. Your goal is to take out a woman named Caelar Argent who has started a crusade, with the typical results, and you’re travelling with a contingent of Baldur’s Gate’s finest soldiers. It starts right at the end of the previous game, and Baldur’s Gate just loves you and Imoen so when Caelar seemingly sends some assassins to kill everyone, you’re kind of obligated to stop them. Especially since they attacked Imoen, who has started mage training. This takes her out of the game until the end, and you’re giving a smattering of faces old and new to help you in your new quest.

I’m not going to go into detail with it, since I beat the entire thing in two hectic twelve hour play sessions, but it was fun and does a fine job of bridging the gap between the two games with a story that’s tight but adds enough to what happened between the two games to make it worth playing. My party consisted of myself, Minsc, Neera, Rashaad, a lesbian, and a gay gnome. We fought our way through cultists, evil druids, mushroom men, evil ents, giants of various head-number, and we tried to fight a dragon but it didn’t go very well so I ended up sending all my party away and turning myself invisible to slip past him. Oh, and a Hooded Man who is actually Jon Irenicus from Baldur’s Gate II is following you the whole time.

Caelar’s goal is to liberate all the people who have previously died in the Dragonspear Wars from the afterlife. Spoilers here: After you’ve made it to the titular Dragonspear, you and your party discover that Caelar’s right-hand wizard was actually using her to open a portal to hell to unleash countless fiends into the world. He escapes into Hell, Caelar and her crusaders follow him, and you follow them for a jolly demon-fighting romp. You make it to the end and find out the wizard was actually a demon, Caelar actually just wanted to free her uncle, and you have the option to team up with her to take out the wizard and the actual demon who set her up. If you succeed, you make it back to Dragonspear and everyone loves you! You and your party are the toasts of the town, but then Jon Irenicus frames you for stealing the soul of a daughter of a Baldur’s Gate Duke and you’re run out of the city in disgrace. Half the people still think you’re keen but the other half aren’t so sure, and you leave town with Imoen, Minsc, Jaheira, Khalid, and probably Dynhaheir if you didn’t ditch her body somewhere. This is where the second game starts, with Jon Irenicus abducting the lot of you.