Game idea: A Metroidvania where you play as a grandma. The grandma’s goal is to craft items for her grandchildren, and each time she’s ready to take the plunge, she enters the craft store to gather supplies. Initially, the grandma is only able to explore a little bit. Once she’s gather up all her supplies, she takes them to the register to save her progress via scrapbook. You’re given some stats at the end of each bit, and if you check-out with the proper items, you unlock more mobility options the next time you enter the craft store. For example, crafting those potholders will allow you to circumvent heat-related obstacles (this craft store is a mess) and each time you enter, it gets a little harder because your kids keep having kids. They also become older and harder to please. The game would last for about 25 sessions, I think, until the last kid has become 18. You can also play as a grandpa and craft your own grandma.

I need to figure out how to actually do this but I have Game Maker and stuff. Shouldn’t be too hard?