It’s been over a month so let’s look at my Mo’ Problems and see how I’m doing with all of them.

PROBLEM: I have a severe lack of confidence that negates any positive thing anyone ever says about me and whatever I do.
SOLVED? It’s not fully there but it’s getting better. The convention back in March helped, but the problem is still there. People keep telling me I should be more confident because I’m not nearly as horrible as I think I am, and I’m starting to believe them. So not fully solved, but on its way there. This has led to the darker aspects ramping up the nihilism.

PROBLEM: I need a new computer.
SOLVED? Not yet. Socking away $15 a work day is harder than anticipated and I had to limit it to a third of every bunch of tips. So going is slow but it’s going. This is, refreshingly, the most cut-and-dry problem I have.

PROBLEM: My anxiety makes it very hard to interact with people.
SOLVED? Not nearly. Things help and I’m learning my limit and how to cope with the anxiety. Confidence will help with this.

PROBLEM: My nihilist streak
SOLVED? This is worse than ever. I need a constant inflow of good vibes and can’t get it with the isolation I deal with daily.

PROBLEM: One of my jobs may be closing down soon
SOLVED? It did not close down and I’m actively looking for a better day job/more freelance work. So I guess consider this one solved!

Progress, then, has been made. I just have to keep on keeping on.