The new DuckTales trailer is out (it’s right there, you had to see it if you clicked the darn link) and I’ve watched it a few times and I’d like to weigh in with my thoughts.

First of all, I like the voice cast but it is going to take a little while to get used to their voices coming out of those characters. Donald, Scrooge, and Launchpad all sound like they always have if a tiny bit off. This is not to say that they sound bad, by any means, just that it’ll take some getting used to but not so much getting used to that I’m not going to watch the show. Its premise seems to be that Scrooge McDuck is trying to recapture some of his former glory, but by the end of the trailer he seems to be fine so it’ll likely just be an adventure show. What’s interesting is that Donald Duck also has a reputation as an adventurer, but whether it’s on his own or with Scrooge is unexplained.

Characterization-wise, Scrooge and Donald seem as spot-on as one could glean from a minute and a half of footage. Launchpad isn’t given much to do but he does seem to be part of the adventuring team and almost crashes a plane and that’s about as much as you can ask for. There’s not enough of the nephews to really get a good read on them. They seem all right and I’m sure their personalities will develop and if they’ll seem more distinct than the original show (but hopefully less annoying than their Quack Pack versions) but I did like the bit where Webby asks which triplet is the evil one and all three agree that it’s Louie. Webby, by the way, knows all about them an is a major fan of them and Donald Duck.

Design-wise, it seems to be taking a page from the recent Mickey Mouse shorts which is by no means a bad thing. The nephews all look a little different (only Huey has a hat, which is weird to me) but Webby’s design has had a major update. The use of “feathers as hair” kind of weirds me out, too, but I’m sure I’ll get used to that. Launchpad looks like a mix between his old design and Baloo from TaleSpin. Scrooge and Donald have their coloring from most of their comic book appearances, for some reason. It certainly sets them apart from their other on-screen incarnations.

Ultimately, the trailer shows some promise but I’ll have to actually see an episode or two to make any real judgement. I do hope they bring in characters like Gyro Gearloose, GizmoDuck, and Darkwing Duck eventually, but the main cast should be given a chance to shine first.