I’m horrible at meeting people, either for friendship or romantic intent, so I need all the help I can get. The only thing is that most of the help I’m able to accept is terrible. My friends are equally bad at meeting people so my IRL social circle is very small and online dating is just the worst. The pay sites are too expensive with no guarantee of working, and the free options are even worse. Take, for example, OKCupid. I’m not linking it because screw that site with its stupid algorithms. Yet I consider it the best option because it’s free and doesn’t hide 90% of its features behind a paywall. It’s still the absolute worst. I’ve been using it off an on since 2003 and while I’ve talked to quite a few people, I’ve only actually dated one, and my most recent attempt yielded absolutely no results. While this may be partially my fault, I suspect that there’s something deeper here. Once you’ve answered a good amount of their questions, they send you an email showing you where your matches are, and here’s the one they sent me:

As you can see, blue is the worst states and green is the best. I live in Ohio, which is blue. This means that very few of the people I’d work well with are on the damned site. Here’s the country list:

At least the United States are green, I guess. In any case, this means that if I want to meet anyone, I have to go out into the world to do it. This does not bode well but we’ll see what happens. This was my rant about dating web sites in general and OKCupid in particular.