I’m not sure what to talk about today because, as is usual on Wednesdays, I am excessively tired (My workweek typically has 27 hours spread out over four days, and one more day that can be anywhere from 4-9 hours) but I made a vow a month ago that I would post something here every weekday and I don’t intend to stop. Right now, I’m working on some extra material for the Area 42 book. We’re probably doing a convention in the middle of March and I want the book ready for that, if possible. The plan is to have four or five books available for sale, and I’m going to be doing a reading and signing for Horny Demons with Issues.

Tonight, though, I will just try to relax so that tomorrow I can get a good bit of work done. It’s my day off and I plan to utilize it as much as I can.