I didn’t mention much about my latest play-through of Baldur’s Gate in the last post because I wasn’t really feeling it because I wasn’t feeling it. It was the same as I usually do – Neutral Good, same NPCs in the party, blah blah blah. Then I got to thinking about the character I was playing as and decided that Xen would probably not be Neutral Good, but rather… Neutral Evil!

According to the in-game description, this meant that she was into power. This fit, to a degree, and with this simple change the play-through changed. While the original Baldur’s Gate didn’t really accommodate evil parties all that well, the Enhanced Edition has all sorts of options for the less moral and ethical group of adventurers. While I wasn’t planning on making them slaughter any villages, they could do some less nice things in the name of role-playing. They could also die horribly in every single section of the game.

The first party member to join you is a thief named Imoen. The next two party members you can pick up are Xzar and Montaron, who are also evil. The next two are typically Khalid and Jaheira, who are decidedly not evil. While I usually ditch Xzar and Montaron as soon as possible, this time all four of those people I just mentioned started arguing and left the party. Soon, they were killing each other. Khalid and Jaheira won, wished me the best, and wandered off before I even left the section of the map where I got them. Meanwhile, another character I had picked up after stopping at High Hedge for a scroll case had gone off to fight hobgoblins with disastrous results. So Imoen and myself continued on to Beregost, hoping that nothing would kill us on the way.

Once there, we tried to aid a new NPC named Neera. As a neutral mage, she was pretty valuable. We needed a good spellcaster. Unfortunately, during her opening battle, she was killed. Since she wasn’t part of the party there was no way to revive her, and so we sought out another bard named Garrick. He was killed by his mistress, along with the rest of the party. While this let us get Neera and attempt to get Garrick again, he was once again killed. So now we had a bard, a thief, and a mage. The next area contained two creatures called ogrillions and three mercenaries in full plate armor.

At this point, I’ve tried several times to avoid them to get to Nashkel (where I would usually get Minsc and the new character Rasaad, neither of whom will likely join my evil party for very long) with little luck. I will keep trying, because there’s a blackguard just past Nashkel that will make things so much easier. Once things become less death-filled I’ll likely be talking about this less, but it is a little bit interesting that I never had these problems with a good party.