Today, I’m going to jot down some notes for an upcoming project. It’s another superhero thing, but unlike Green Dove, it’s more self-contained and it’s probably going to be a lot less silly. It’s going to be your typical battle between good and evil. Two powerful characters have summoned sixteen characters each to a world of their own creation, and each of those characters is going to correspond to a different chess piece, hence the “Pawn” name. It’s probably going to initially be a novel. Here’s a break-down:

The Kings will be especially powerful, but for some reason, won’t be able to move all that well. I’m thinking each King will, for one reason or another, be tied to a fortress or area.

The Queens will, likewise, be very powerful but unlike the Kings, they’ll have freedom of movement. There will probably be something in place to keep them from being too broken, though I’m not exactly sure what that something will end up being.

The Rooks are speedsters, to correspond with their zipping along the chessboard. I already have the characters ready for some of these guys, actually:
Kinetosphere, whose speed comes from a sphere thing he rides in. He also has telekinetic control over spheres. He’s a good guy.
The Golden Basilisk, whose speed only comes in spurts, like the lizard of the same name. He also has other lizard powers, like regeneration and wall-crawling. Also a good guy.
The Velociraptor, who is a Jurassic Park-style raptor with super-speed. Obviously very dangerous, and evil.

The Bishops will probably be more mental-based characters, because this seems like it’s a good enough analogue for moving diagonally. I have a concept for this, but no actual name yet.

The Knights are the big strong guys. The tanks, if you will. These will be simple enough to figure out, probably. At least one will be some sort of animal, to counteract the Velocioraptor.

Finally, there’s the pawns. The pawns will have the most varied powers.

Well, there you go. That’s my post for today. I just wanted to get all of this down before I forgot about it.