I was a Sonic the Hedgehog super-fan. Well, as much of a super-fan as I could be without actually owning a Sega Genesis. I watched the cartoons and read the comics. It was the first non-Disney comic I read regularly, and the first comic I had a subscription for. However, it was also the first comic that angered me to the point that I stopped reading it and didn’t read a single Archie comic until years later when Free Comic Book Day started. This wasn’t because of anything that happened in the book, which started as a more comedic thing structured like Silver Age comics before starting to establish its elaborate world. No, it was because Archie didn’t send me one of the issues for my subscription and when I wrote them a letter, I heard nothing from them. This led me to denounce the Sonic the Hedgehog comic.


For this exercise, I chose this thing I got from Humble Bundle:

Written by two people, drawn by a bunch, put out by Archie and endorsed by Sega.

If my intent was to jump back into the Sonic comic universe, then this was a poor choice. In fact, if my intent was to read a comic that actually told complete stories, then this was a poor choice. This isn’t to say that it’s bad. Most of it is written by Ian Flynn, who is Archie’s steward of video game comics. The problem is that none of the stories are meant to be anything more than advertisements for the games they’re about and only one of the stories has any kind of resolution to it. Most of them tell you to go play the game. Heck, even the one that has some sort of ending just leads into the game. It’s a very mercenary comic, basically, and means absolutely nothing. I haven’t even played most of the games these comics are about and it didn’t make me especially excited about any of them.

There’s only one story in here that actually tries to incorporate anything exclusively from the comics, and I’m not sure but I think that it might take place before all the other stories because it includes the SWATBot characters from the show and they keep calling Eggman Robotnik, which I’m all for but it’s kind of jarring since this is the only story like that. Ugh. This comic gave me pretty much nothing to worth with. The next review will be better. There is no reason to really read this comic or this review, honestly.