I forgot to post for a little while but now I’m back with a new comic and this post to document today’s marathon of things I have watched, because I have watched a lot of things today because tomorrow I’m starting a creative regimen so why not take one last day to just mess around for a while? The first thing I finished was John Dies At the End, a horror comedy with some decent ideas which could have frankly been longer to further develop the world and relationships of the characters. It’s based on a book by Cracked’s David Wong which I should really read at some point.

Finishing this, I decided to check up on my Animal Crossing town and decided to finally check out Lasagna Cat, which are videos based on Garfield comic strips. You may already be aware of them and what they are but the entire playlist takes maybe forty minutes to play, save for one video.

The entire thing comes in at just over an hour and while it’s an especially well done piece of work, it’s also an hour’s worth of one man detailing the spiritual and philosophical elements of a three-page Garfield comic strip. I feel almost as if I’m still watching the video, and will forever be watching the video. This is not to say you shouldn’t watch it, because it really is quite good, but I suspect this is one of those things that I’ll come to appreciate if I ever watch it again, like the episode of Sealab 2021 where 90% of the dialogue is “uh oh!” which I am embedding here because why not?

Anyway, that Lasagna Cat video was making my head hurt. This was either because it filled my brain with so much knowledge that it ached, or simply that I watched it straight through without any breaks. I also hadn’t eaten anything at this point, which may have been a contributing factor. In any case, I decided that my next viewing choice was going to be Sucker Punch.

I had seen this movie before, but a lot of times when I go to a movie, I miss a chunk of the movie. This is either because I’m too concerned with stomach pains (which doesn’t happen so much anymore, thank goodness, and was a result of me forgetting to eat) or I have dozed off. Often times, this doze lasts for all of a minute but when I wake up I’m completely unprepared for what’s happening in the movie and I think I’ve missed a lot of it. In the case of Sucker Punch, the movie is just edited like that and there’s not really so much a plot as a list of scenes that needed to happen. That is to say that the narrative was lacking.
While watching the movie, I was struck at my weird history with it. I had seen it in theaters, with two people whom I no longer speak to: an ex-girlfriend and a friend who essentially decided to love Jesus more than friends he had known for years. My main take-away from that night was that they were both cowards for not wanting to go out the side door. This was not an emergency exit, and no signs delineated it as such, and I had taken this exit out of the theater before but neither were willing to follow and only did so when I made my egress and they were forced to follow since I was driving.
Several years later, my ex-girlfriend had dropped me off to work at the library with the understanding that she would be back to pick me up when I was done. To this end, I hadn’t brought any money with me because why would I? It was unnecessary. Once I was finished with work, she called me to tell me that she and her then-boyfriend had found a stray dog while driving around and were tending to its needs. Things had become complicated in my life at this point, obviously. In any case, while I was seething over this breach of car etiquette (the car was mine and continues to be mine, and to this day I wonder what her plan had been since she was obviously riding around with him when it was time to pick me up) in order to make it home to get to my second job on time, I had to take the bus. This necessitated getting to the ATM and getting change before the bus came. The first part was easy: there was an ATM across the street. The second part involved going through the library’s selection of purchasable DVDs and finding something that I might watch again at some point. In the end, I chose Sucker Punch, and it stayed on my shelf for well over a year following me as I finally got out of both that toxic situation and the second job which was a constant reminder of how much the whole thing had screwed me over.
Anyway, upon watching the movie a second time, it’s a really icky thing. I cringed a lot at the beginning and end, and all the while I was wondering why I could only remember one girl making it out of the movie in one piece. This is because, throughout the movie, most of the girls are killed or disabled in one way or another. The whole thing just becomes very depressing after a while. Furthermore, most of the movie takes place in a fantasy state in the main girl’s mind and while that aspect of things is clearly laid out, the implications of what may have been happening in the real world during most of the movie isn’t explored but perhaps that’s for the best since the whole thing is, as stated, kind of icky. I wouldn’t really recommend it.
Now, I’m going to watch Amazing Spider-Man 2 because I know what I’m in for with that one. I’ll probably try to watch something else after this, depending on how I react to Gwen Stacy dying this time around.