It’s time for me to actually try to market stuff I have written! Here we go!

Horny Demons with Issues!

It used to be an erotic novel, but the people who were paying for all the sex to be in it decided they didn’t want it and I didn’t really want to put out a novel under my own name with a bunch of sex in it. In retrospect, maybe I should have come up with a pseudonym and left the sex? Anyway, this takes place in the same universe as Area 42 and has a few characters in common. It’s about a young woman who gets caught up in cult and demonic shenanigans and has to figure out how to stop all that nonsense from happening.

I lied about taking all the sex out. There’s still one chapter with some sex in it. I chose this to be my initial foray into self-published novels.


A very long time ago, Josh Fruhlinger said nice things about this comic which is not really about computers, but rather about nerd culture and friendship. While you may be asking yourself, “Why should I pay for this? It’s available for free online. What kind of scam are you running here, Podgor?” The answer: for one, it’s like eight bucks. You get something like seventy comics, about a dozen other comics with commentary, a new six-page comic about tabletop gaming, and a short prose tale about MMORPGs. You get a long of bang for your buck, is what I’m saying.


The Cloudstar Prophecies!

This one is the start of an eBook series. I started writing it when I was a sophomore in high school as a way to poke fun at all the weird tropes of anime and gaming. It’s evolved a bit since then, but it’s mainly about a kid who can’t die because of conflicted prophecies about his death. There’s other characters, too, and the setting is this dying planet with weird aliens and cities. Also, he has a giant Cloud Strife sword that he doesn’t know how to use and can’t get rid of. There’s two of these eBooks!

Episode One!
Episode Two!

Those are my books right now! Please buy and read them!