The Green Dove comic started like this.

I am actually not sure who he was talking to and why they were being so supportive.

While the Green Dove’s (and by extension my) depression was/is an ongoing thing, he got back out there and we got a hint as to why he was more depressed than usual.

Trying to help but not really all that hard is Green Dove’s M.O.

A lost partner, a supportive friend… what happened with these people? Super-villains were still in attendance, at least, and after Green Dove made an oath to get better, he kind of did. The comic and character each took an upturn while we learned the secret origin of Green Dove which was no longer a secret! Also, more world-building occurred as the Paragon People and Astounding Super-hero Syndicate were properly introduced. Green Dove also started traveling.

He also started to feel the ache for a friend. Whoever had urged him back into the super-heroic life was seemingly gone, and he turned his eyes to obtaining an animal companion. Not only that, but his lodgings were taken away and he lost active membership in the Astounding Super-hero Syndicate. Green Dove did not lose hope, however, and while he was brought into more conflicts, eventually he actually got ahead of the game both emotionally and super-heroically:

This success was short-lived, since the Green Dove was almost immediately set upon by several villains from his past. This led to more traveling, as he found himself in a new universe. Unable to get back, he tried to get back to his roots and start anew, but he was rescued from this other universe. Unfortunately for him, it turned out that the Black Raven entity was able to control of him and his body during the return trip. This allowed the entity to lay waste to a team of super-villains and the Paragon People, and now, only the Green Dove can stop him…

Can he do it? Will we ever find out more about this ex-partner? Who was the one who got Green Dove back into the super-hero game? What’s going to happen next? Find out tri-weekly at…