When we last left Baldur’s Gate II, the party had entered the Underdark and I refused to move on since I knew what horrors awaited me there. It actually wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, but it was still kind of horrible.

My party entered a cavern filled with Beholders and their much more troublesome cousins, the Gauths. While Xen had gotten a cloak that repelled magic and made her the point in most of the battles with these creatures, the other party members would still get killed very quickly. This resulted in the summoning of a heck of a lot of monsters that were sent to their deaths because even though the Beholders focused on Xen, a few decided to get jazzy with it. However, we also discovered that Neera’s summoned magic swords were very useful against all of these creatures. Less useful was her ability to summon a fiend, since it killed everything it could see. When we wanted to use it, she would summon it and the rest of the party would run. Eventually, we cleared the caverns and got an Elder Orb eyeball for our trouble. We did not why, but we kept it.

Our next stop was a cavern filled with fish-men. This was easy compared to the Beholders, at least until I came to an altar where we could sacrifice an animal to summon something. We summoned an animal and sent it to the altar, which summoned a horde of Demon Knights. These gave us a lot of trouble back in Durlag’s Tower, but this time we were able to run from them and, once again, send lots of monsters to their deaths. This included fiends and summoned swords. Once only one remained, we swarmed it. At one point, we also got some fish-man blood. Again, we kept it, but did not know why.

There was only one cavern left to explore before the Underdark proper, and that was filled with Mind Flayers. This was also difficult since they could eat brains and would kill Xen on the regular. We ended up wiping them out, stopping their gladiotorial combat, and freeing some other amphibious men and some slaves. Once again, we got some blood. Once again, we kept it. Once again, we did not know why.

With the caverns cleared, it was on to the rest of the cavern. We helped a mage free himself from some other plane and then killed a bunch of Elementals for him. We found a colony of deep gnomes and made their lives easier by killing a demon for them and finding a missing child. Then, using knowledge gained from the gnomes, we went to go see a Silver Lady that turned out to be a dragon whose eggs had been stolen by Drow. Super. At some point, I knew we would have to kill a dragon, but it wasn’t this one.

Afteer being transformed into Drow by the dragon, we entered the city without incident and were drafted into the machinations of a lady Drow. We had to kill a few Drow for her, and one for a giant telepathic fish in a jar, and lie to her about killing a lot of other people. This wound up working in our advantage, for the last thing she wanted us to do was steal the dragon’s eggs for the lady Drow so she could kill her mother and become the Matriarch of her house. She gave us fake dragon eggs, the consort we were supposed to kill gave us fake dragon eggs, and we wound up swapping the real eggs for fake eggs and giving the lady Drow another set of fake eggs as proof, keeping the real eggs for ourselves. We were then told to attend the ceremony, during which the Matriarch would offer a demon the dragon eggs for ULTIMATE POWER.

This obviously went south.

The demon killed the Matriarch, then the very surprised lady Drow, and then Xen told it to bugger off and it did, leaving us to get out of the Drow city as quickly as we could. We got back to the dragon, who helped us to the surface, where we found ourselves in the midst of a war between elves and drow. You know what I mean. In any case, it had turned out that Bodhi and Irenicus had taken over the city of the elves and so the elven general wouldn’t tell us why until we retrieved a special lantern that would allow us back into the city. The problem was that Bodhi had gone back to the city with it and so we went back there to stop her and retrieve the lantern and Imoen’s soul. My soul, however, was still up in the air for a little while. The elven general gave us some stakes and holy water and told us we should get some help.

On our way back to the city, we came across the famed Drizz’t Do’Urden and his party. We enlisted his help immediately, and were on our way to the city. After enlisting the help of the Shadow Thieves and the Order of the Radiant Heart, it was time to do a bunch of side-quests before killing off Bodhi. We finished off things at the Five Flagons Playhouse, giving the performance of the century and earning fame and recognition for our efforts. We also got the Silver Pantaloons or whatever, going nicely with our Golden Pantaloons that I had been carrying for so very long. With these things out of the way and the other side-quests available ones I refused to do (screw that stupid sphere in the slums, I hate it so much) we went to go fight Bodhi. It actually went surprisingly quickly, especially with Drizz’t, a paladin, and an assassin complementing our party. Bodhi was gone, the lantern was ours, and after we got Yoshimo’s heart cleansed, we were off to save the elves and fight Irenicus.

The elven city was besieged by golems and tiger-men, but we killed them all until we found out what we could do to get to the palace and all this nonsense once and for all. Three items, placed on the altar of this temple, would end the siege and allow us entry into the palace. The first two were easily obtained. The third was in possession of a dragon who wanted far too much from us for its item, so it was finally time: we had to fight a freaking dragon.

The dragon kept killing us and cutting through our summoned monsters. Things took a turn when we discovered we could leave the area and rest up and then keep battling, but all our physical efforts proved to be absolutely worthless. The dragon shrugged them off, so Xen and Neera entered the dragon’s lair with absolutely no plan. She summoned her swords and I used what efforts I could to prepare myself for battle. Then, I had Neera shoot a fireball at it, and it actually worked. It worked really well. Magic could kill this dragon, and while I attempted to help, Neera was the one with the (heh) magic touch and she killed the dragon all by herself. With the final piece in hand, we entered the temple and had our collective asses handed to us several times. Only when I decided to put all the pieces on the altar and hope that the siege would truly be ended when I did so, did the spirit of the city come to live and vanquish all our foes. The city was safe and we could move on to Irenicus who had kidnapped the queen and was trying to sap the city’s life force because it turned out he was an exiled elf who had tried to do all this before and had been punished. If he had tried to make amends instead of kidnapping Xen and stealing her soul, then things would have been fine. Instead, we had to deal with all this nonsense.

First off, I told each member of my party they didn’t have to fight Irenicus with me, but they said they would and we went off to fight Irenicus. Anyway, we cut his ties to the tree and were summoned to him to battle him. We got killed, so the next time we ran away while he did his time stop and all that. Wthout us around for him to kill, he just kind of did nothing. Then, it was my turn. Since Irenicus was a mage and I was magic-proof, Neera’s magic swords and I ran up to him and started slashing at him. Since he could do nothing and had wasted his time-stop spells, it didn’t take long. I killed him and everything ended happily ever after…

…wait, no, it didn’t. Instead, the party got dragged down to Hell. Again.

In Hell, Xen had to go through five trials which allowed her a lot more power. Coupled with the special abilities we had started to get, the party felt really powerful. When we completed the trials and Irenicus came out, we rushed him but were killed by demons. Twice. The demons were dumb and we were able to trick them. Summoned monsters took care of the demons, and it was up to us to kill Irenicus for the last time. We did, the elves had a party, and Irenicus went to Hell and was pushed into a lake of fire by demons. It was very satisfying to watch.

There was no time to waste, however, as we immediately started the expansion! People were unhappy about all the Bhaalspawn running around and people were trying to kill all of us, but especially Xen. Instead, we found off a Bhaalspawn and were transported to some other plane of existence where Saverok wanted some of my soul to be alive again. I begrudgeningly accepted, summoned everyone I could into the pocket plane, and went off to stop some war. So far, I took care of one of the general, but the other is an immortal fire giant Bhaalspawn so we’ll see how that goes.