I was playing the Magikarp game from yesterday when I was doing Out of Nowhere, the segment where you have to tell your Magikarp to eat a berry or not. I had done it five times and nothing had gone wrong. Magikarp would jump up, eat a berry, and everything would be swell. Number six proved to be an unlucky number as the unthinkable happened… I sat there, dumbfounded. All the (admittedly minimal) work I had put into poor Chad McGee was undone in an instant as a giant terrible bird swooped in and carried off my sweet prince for dastardly doings. Look at that smug piece of flying garbage. I hate all Pidgeottos now. I hate each and every one for what their fellow Pidgeotto did to my sweet Chad McGee.

This is what happens when your Magikarp was taken from you. I hope that Pidgeotto chokes on Chad McGee. He was replaced by Chad McGee 2. The McGee dynasty lives on.