I was a sophomore in high school when Samurai Jack premiered. I had learned about it from a friend’s anime magazine. It looked interesting. Once the promos started airing on Cartoon Network, I was intrigued enough to tape the premier movie and, once it had been taped, I watched it several times and used the rest of the tape on the rest of season one and, I think, season two. I started to drift off at season three due to complications from senior year and I only say a few episodes of season four because I was at college at that point and didn’t have cable. Despite that, it remained one of my favorite shows. Now, after years of the movie being planned and shuttered and a few comic adaptions I didn’t pick up, the series came back.


The final season of Samurai Jack was different from the first four. It still had its spirit, but it was on Adult Swim so it could go a bit darker with its action and themes. Plus, it told a single story instead of a bunch of self-contained episodes and it all worked very well. New characters were introduced, new sides of existing characters were shown, and it all tied in to a fan service ending that ended things the only way they could have: Jack got back to the past and slayed Aku after decades of trying. This was the only way things could have gone, short of having Aku kill Jack. They even addressed the time paradox, in a way, since Jack killing Aku would have rendered the world dystopia completely invalid.

I don’t know where I was going with this. I just liked this show and while I’m sad it’s gone I’m glad it got a chance to finish.