I just realized I’ve been drawing comics (this time) for a little over four years. If you want to get technical, this was the first comic I drew for public consumption after a lengthy dalliance with sprite comics:

All the way from 2006!

I drew twelve or so comics. I printed out the templates, drew the comic in pencil, and then inked it so the scanner could actually pick it up after I turned up the contrast enough so that the pages would be more or less completely black and white. Then I colored it and put it up for the world to see. After those twelve comics, the whole process had gotten to be so frustrating that I moved to an entirely computer-based process that was certainly a different way to do things.

Between 2006 and 2013, many comics were made in this style. While it began as a way to use pseudo-3D, it eventually evolved to have a flatter and more hand-drawn style. Then that era ended and only new PC/MS comics were made that way. Things were quiet for a little while but while I was writing, the comic itch remained and it demanded to be scratched. After a little while, I drew this:

So I’ve had this computer/tablet set-up for about four years now. Looking at the hundreds of comics I’ve made in that time (oh my god I’ve actually done hundreds of freaking comics?!) I think my style has improved significantly.

I can certainly say I’ve evolved, if nothing else. Here’s to another four years, though hopefully I’ll get the computer set-up changed within that time!