Things that happened on Free Comic Book Day:

  • Gathered up a lot of the Free Comic Book Day comics and subsequently read them. Most were all right but for some reason the one based on Fresh Off the Boat made me cringe. I do not know why this is, as the show does not. For the record, I also got the Barbie and Monster High comics and did not feel like cringing while watching those. It did have a solid story but possibly reminded me far too much of my attempts to do self-insertion comics so many years ago. You know, opposed to my self-insertion comics now.
  • Got several FunkoPops. A year ago, I had none, but then I got an Assassin’s Creed one in a LootCrate a while ago and now I have eight of them. Godzilla, Zoidberg, and Aquaman have joined Assassin’s Creed guy, the Fourth Doctor, Proto Man, Gwenpool, and Raven on my shelf.
  • Picked up my pull list. It was only Aquaman and The Flintstones this week, but I also grabbed the Green Lantern/Space Ghost and Suicide Squad/Banana Splits.
  • Got the first Joe Books Darkwing Duck trade, the old adaption of Darkwing Duck: Just Us Justice Ducks, Maximum Security, and Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.
  • Bummed around a bit