Free Comic Book Day Man was originally created by Fictospherian Jeffrey Holloway in 2005 and was inspired by a free Minimate that spurred his imagination. The character is the Embodiment of Free Comic Book Day, a robotic spirit that travels the multiverse to ensure that people only take one of each comic on Free Comic Book Day. He would prefer you only take one comic, period, but what can you do? He has a rogues’ gallery of other robots that look like him and his adventures span space and time. In the Before Times, we dedicated a month to him on the Meekrat Entertainment Group which basically amounted to two short stories and a revamped comic. Anyway, here’s a collection of some of his appearances. Maybe next year I’ll post something with a bit more substance.

Page from Free Comic Book Day Fisticuffs, originally appeared in the Comic Genesis Sampler 2006

Originally run: April 29th on the now defunct Carafe

Updated version of Free Comic Book Day Fisticuffs, originally made for 2010. Click for the full story.

It’s worth noting, perhaps, that Free Comic Book Day Man Month occurred at the peak of the Meekrat Entertainment Group. My reviews of the Spider-Man comic strip were still going strong and we were in the midst of March Meekrat Madness 2010, which was glorious hubris the likes of which have not been seen before or since. It was a wild time. Free Comic Book Day Man has shown up a few times in the Age of Fictosphere, too, just not as much yet:

Zeitgeist: Free Comic Book Day Man, originally published May 1st, 2015

Zeitgeist: Chaos, originally published June 3rd, 2016