It’s Free Comic Book Day this weekend! I’ve been going to it consistently for thirteen years, I think. The first year my best friend of the time called me up and asked me if I wanted to go to a local comic shop with him to check it out. I hadn’t read comic books for several years at that point but went because I still liked comic books and the characters but had been out of work for a little while and didn’t feel like asking people for rides to the comic book store. I picked up a lot (including a copy of Batman/Spawn that I really hope the store was trying to unload because otherwise I totally stole a comic) and that was it for that year. Except now I knew about it, and now my other friends could know about it, too. For the next few years, we made the rounds with a fairly large group. I usually had at least a little bit of money so I would buy one or two things, and our group grew and shrank as relationships began and were terminated. Many adventures were had and many firsts occurred on that day. It’s an important day for me and while I certainly don’t feel any less awkward or normal, I feel as if I don’t care about that as much.

Out of all the people we used to travel with, there’s really only three left. They’ve been there since almost the beginning but I do wish that we had more people in our little cadre. Maybe this year will be kinder in that regard.