I opted to leave the werewolf island to try to beef up my characters. Knowing that I was still unsuited for Durlag’s Tower, I opted to do Rashaad’s quest. This took me to the Snow Peak mountains to kill a bunch of monks. It was a brief excursion and the trolls that frequented the area were more of a threat than any of the monks. The goal of this mission was to find and kill Rashaad’s brother, which happened. He died easily. As it turns out, if you remove a monk’s ability to move, they’re pretty useless. This applies to everybody, really.

After that, Imoen had raised her ability to find and disarm traps enough to tackle Durlag’s Tower. If you’ve only played the original Baldur’s Gate, Durlag’s Tower was introduced in the Tales of the Sword Coast expansion and the goal is to explore the tower while dealing with traps and solving puzzles. I’ve only completed it a few times and was able to finish it in a prolonged sitting.

There’s not much left for me to do before barreling towards the end, after which there’s some new territory.