I’m going to start working on a book. Originally, it was going to be an exploration of giant monsters. The only problem with that idea is that one of the major exporters of giant monsters is Toho, and they are a bit touchy about their rights. For proof, see what happened with Mystery Science Theater 3000 Volume 10, Essential Godzilla, and probably scads of other things. I would hate to start working on a book only to find that it was impossible to complete because I couldn’t print half the material. This book would have been less of a review/non-fiction thing and more of a spotter’s guide to kaiju. Basically descriptions of the various monsters with some in-universe stuff thrown in trying to mesh it all together, more or less. If I was doing a straight-up review thing it might avoid a lot of rights issues. Heck, I might just start doing this for free and if it takes off I’ll figure out a way to go with it. I’m probably going to do that. Please note that these blog posts are not edited in any way.

Anyway, in addition to the monster thing, I’m going to do one focused on fantasy races. In order to more tie it in with the Fictosphere, I’m going to base it in the Fantasisphere which is a basic fantasy reality. Now, do I write these as myself or do it as some sort of in-character thing? I’m leaning towards the former because I think it would be more fun. I have a character lined up for the Fantasisphere, but would he work for the monster one? I don’t think so. I will figure this out.