There’s a meme going around where you have to list your favorite movies from each year you’ve been alive, so I’ve done so. Some notes:
1) I don’t actually remember most things from before 1989, just scattered memories. I wasn’t aware that years really existed before I saw a Mighty Dog calendar for 1989 and realized this was a thing. I also had no idea what a year was for a while and so the oncoming end of my grandfather’s Far Side Off-the-Wall calendar filled me with fear of the seemingly inevitable apocalypse.
2) There’s a few years where I had to choose something just so I would have a movie there and others where there was a wealth of choices. 2004 stands out as one such year where there was an abundance of choices.
3) I realize there are some movies someone may call ‘bad” or “insulting to the source material” or “incredibly awful” but I’m okay with that.