I watched the entirety of Iron Fist and I’m prepared to say that it has its share of issues. I’m not going to say anything about the casting. The fact that Danny Rand is a white guy has a lot more problems based in the whole “white guy does something better than a bunch of non-white guys who have done the same thing for centuries” trope that started with freaking Tarzan being a better ape than, you know, actual freaking apes and we could have a whole discussion about how detrimental that whole thing has been since its introduction. I don’t know why most white guys have a compulsive need to portray themselves as better than everyone else but it’s dumb and should really stop. Anyway, possible spoilers ahead. Really low-key spoilers.

The main issue with Iron Fist is that it’s the weakest Marvel Netflix show and this can be attributed to the fact that it doesn’t live up to the potential of its character, a kung fu master with an iron fist that he got from a dragon. Instead, we get a whiny dopey billionaire moping around town and frequently getting pissy when things don’t go his way. So that’s the show’s first misstep. They should have had the kung fu master actually doing a lot more kung fu. Every episode should have had a fantastic kung fu battle that reminded us why Iron Fist has been around since the seventies. He’s by far the weakest character in the entire show, especially overshadowed by Colleen Wing.

That’s my second issue with the series: the romantic relationship between Iron Fist and Colleen Wing is the most outlandish and unbelievable thing in the series and I hate that they wound up together at the end of it. They had no chemistry and I don’t see why they needed to screw. I guess we can only consider it a saving grace that Night Nurse and Iron Fist didn’t bang, since she was used as a possible romantic interest in both Daredevil and Luke Cage.

My third issue is that, unlike the other Netflix shows, this one had no sense of anything greater going on and no main antagonist. Daredevil had Kingpin in its first season, Jessica Jones had Kilgrave, and Luke Cage had Mariah and Diamondback. Iron Fist has the Hand? Which Hand? Two of them pop up to menace and subsequently be defeated. Or is it Meachum? But which Meachum? The one that seems like he’s going to be the big bad isn’t and the one that does turn out to be the big bad isn’t until halfway through and it’s all just sloppy and uninteresting.

This isn’t to say that the show has nothing to redeem itself. When they actually do show some violence, it’s usually pretty decent. Colleen Wing is good when she’s not just a love interest. Also, when it’s reminding us of the other Marvel shows it’s great. The whole thing was just trying to be a lot more complicated and mysterious than it really needed to be when it could have been a Kill Bill type of thing. Here’s hoping ol’ Danny Boy is better in The Defenders.