Monday’s post was fine and all but then I started thinking about the actual relationships I’ve been in and how they started. I won’t mention any names here but some retrospective is necessary in this matter. Since I was seventeen, I have dated four people. Two of those relationships lasted for some time, but I’m not here to think about endings right now. No, I’m here to think about how all of those began and the more I think about it, the more I realize how utterly passive I’ve been in every single aspect of initiating any kind of dating and I think that this might be a problem.

The first relationship was with a former friend’s cousin. We met when he brought her to Attack of the Clones and a few weeks later, he locked us out of his car because both of us refused to ask the other out. She asked me out. The next girl was the sole person I’ve actually dated was OKCupid and she was the one who initiated our communication. The third and fourth were also the prime movers. I think that this is a problem. I have to be less passive in these things and be the one to initiate things.

I’ll keep you posted about how any of this goes.