PROBLEM: I have a severe lack of confidence that negates any positive thing anyone ever says about me and whatever I do.
SOLUTION: First of all, I have to try to believe the positive things people have said about me and my stuff and not automatically discount it as them pitying me. On one level, I know this isn’t true. I can’t be as horrible as I think I am, but I have to get myself to a point where I actually believe that for longer than fifteen minutes at a time. For my personal appearance, I will take a picture of myself every day until I’m used to it and if anyone says anything about those pictures, I will force myself to take them at their word. I will do the same with any comments about my creative work.

PROBLEM: I need a new computer.
SOLUTION: My original solution was “use my tax return to deal with this” but most of that had to go to a car payment that came out earlier than I thought it was coming out and the resulting fees. I’ll still have a little bit of tax return money to work with, but after doing some research I’ve found I can get a refurbished laptop that will do what I need for as little as $300. So I’ll just sock away $15 from each day I work and I’ll have the money in no time.

PROBLEM: My anxiety makes it very hard to interact with people.
SOLUTION: Interact with people anyway, I suppose. I have too many internal walls to make this easy, but things that dilute them are easy to come by and eventually I won’t need those things as a crutch, or so I hope.

PROBLEM: My nihilist streak
SOLUTION: There’s always that voice that says that, in the end, nothing I do or say matters in the slightest since some day all things will come to an end. I just have to learn how to live in the present and stop worrying too much about far-flung futures.

PROBLEM: One of my jobs may be closing down soon
SOLUTION: Find another one that will either preserve or improve the status quo. I’m hoping for the latter. I’m really bad at finding work but I am going to try to get back into freelancing again. If I can make about $500 a month freelancing then I won’t have to get another job but I’m thinking there’s a slim chance that I’ll be able to do that with any kind of regularity.