Today (or perhaps yesterday) they added the whole gamut of second generation to Pokemon Go, or so I assume. They probably left out the various legendary Pokemon, but I’m guessing most of them are in there and that means that this guy is in there:And that means that somewhere out there, there is a Shuckle waiting for me to catch it. This brings a whole new level of play to Pokemon Go for me. I have a concrete goal now. There’s also other changes (more berries to aid in catching and evolution, as well as different types of potions, though that may be because I hit level 25 today) but for me, it’s all about the Shuckle. In the first generation, my favorite Pokemon was Charmander.

You can obtain Charmander by just starting the game. He (or in my case, she, since they also introduced gender for Pokemon which mimics the original games doing so with the second generation and my Charmander turned out to be a lady named Frednando) just hangs out and you can catch him if you like, or one of the other starters. Charmander is the best of the first generation. The best Pokemon of all is in the second generation, and happens to be this guy.

Oh, worm creature in a rock, why do I think you’re so great? You’re out there somewhere, and I’m gonna catch you. I’m gonna catch you all.

The second generation (Gold/Silver/Crystal) is probably my favorite. While other Pokemon have their charms, this is the one that well and truly cemented its place in my memory and ensured I would keep coming back, if only so I could pit Shuckle against whatever the newer games threw at him. The best part is that in the newer games, you can transfer any Pokemon in or out (more or less) so I can always have a Shuckle. I actually beat Sun and Moon before I had the option of bringing in Shuckle but at some point I’m going to play it again and bring him in.

The second generation also introduced my favorite Eevee evolution (or as some may call them, Eeveelutions): Umbreon.

All the other evolutions pale in comparison. Oh, and Pokemon Go also finally introduced more clothing options for your trainer. This led me to decide that the male trainer looks like a douche so now I’m playing as the female trainer. I think most of the male trainers in Pokemon have looked like douches, really, with the exception of maybe your avatar from the very first games. Did I ever finish my play-through of HeartGold? No, no. I didn’t, for some reason. I should get back to that.

Anyway, that was me rambling about Pokemon for a couple hundred words.