I watched Legion and it was pretty good. It’s going to be pretty interesting to see how they handle the whole mutant thing. I also watched Riverdale, which is going to some weird places and making some choices that might play off down the line but we’ll see what happens. Veronica continues to be the character with the most… well, character. The other main characters are trying, and even Cheryl gets some shading this week, but the whole thing just feels kind of icky.

Powerless was a little improved over last week. We’re learning a little bit more about the characters, and it helps that it focuses on only about six characters this week. Emily has a vulnerability she didn’t have in the first episode, which helps her character, and Van Wayne is terrible but in a decently humorous way and I don’t foresee him becoming more human as time progresses. Then there was this:

That’s Cleveland with an additional skyscraper CGI’d into it.