I think, in order for the Green Dove comic to get better, he needs to be able to do more than monologue moodily. I mean, occasionally he ineffectively goes up against a super-villain, but they keep getting away somehow. While I could just toss some civilians at him (and probably will, at some point) I thought things might be a lot more interesting if I actually put the beginnings of a potential super-team into the comic. So here we have Detour and B’llthulu:
Detour has Kitty Pryde’s powers and his name came from me trying to figure out a rogue archetype to turn into a costumed character which led me down a linked synonym search that eventually brought up the term “highwayman” and then Detour. I don’t know his origin. He probably wasn’t born with his powers and I’m unsure what he looks like behind that mask. I don’t think he’s white. He had a dog at one point. He hasn’t had his powers long.

I know a lot more about B’llthulu. He’s a second generation Korean-American named Bill Seong and definitely wasn’t born a Lovecraftian entity. Bill’s mother was a scientist and his father was a grocer and they were brought over by a university to work on some trans-temporal theories. Unfortunately, this is a super-hero universe, so one of the people behind it had ulterior motives and used the machinery produced to try to summon the Elder Gods. Bill, who was there with his father to watch his mother’s crowning achievement, got zapped by the conduit-seeking energy and was infused with the power of C’thulhu. He was captured and locked up, which led to him being bitter.

What probably happened was that Detour got his powers in the same facility where B’llthulu was being held. They became friends when Detour (who, at that point was still learning what he could do) phased into the cell and they started making plans to get more food and whatnot from the guards. Once Detour figured out he could phase other creatures, he and B’ll got the heck out of there and decided to take revenge on the world. Instead, they have a dog they’re going to care for. So good job, Green Dove. You reformed these two before they could do any crimes.