This is as much character development as most of these guys get.

So I watched Powerless. You probably know what it’s about. It’s a workplace comedy, except it takes place in a DC Comics universe so the workplace is trying to figure out gadgets to keep random bystanders safe. The opening credits is actually the best part of the episode, using old comic book covers and zooming in on some rando to show what these people are about. The rest of the episode is competent. The only time I really chuckled was when Van Wayne (who was an actual comics character) brought up how much things have gone from bank-robbing to global destruction and random battles between the super-heroes themselves.

This joke Van Wayne makes in this screen cap is, perhaps, the worst joke of the entire night.

The rest of the jokes are forgettable, but I think this will be one of those shows that might do a lot more character-based comedy as things progress. The only thing is that in this episode, only Emily the protagonist and Van Wayne get any kind of character development. Everyone else is just there and I hope they don’t end up wasting this cast. So on the comedy side, this show is still on the weak side. On the plus side, since it doesn’t focus on super-heroes it can just throw whoever it wants into things without worrying about it too much. The two they chose for this episode, Crimson Fox and Jack O’Lantern, are named after characters in the comics. That’s as far as the similarities go. We also get a Batman mention and learn he’s using Wayne Securities as an R&D arm.

I feel like she is constantly making this face during this episode but a quick run-through for these screen caps proves otherwise. Emily is the living embodiment of this face.

The show, at this point, is a neutral entity. It can get a lot better, or a lot worse, but it’s certainly not either one of those things coming out of the gate. The actors are capable so here’s hoping it doesn’t wind up sucking. Since I put up another TV show thing, I figured I’d bring up Riverdale again. Jughead is in this episode a bit more and he’s pretty good, but Veronica is, oddly, my favorite character. There’s some more stuff with Cheryl being a monster and Reggie starting a fight. Kevin Keller is less of a stereotype, at least. This is getting increasingly stream of consciousness so I’m ending it here.