My first comic book was DuckTales #7. I still have it, though its cover is long gone. In fact, I still have every single comic book I’ve ever owned except for an issue of Archie’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures. I can’t tell you what happened to it, only that it’s no longer in my possession. While I would get comic books from the library all the time, I rarely realized I could ask for my parents to buy me a comic book until much later. As long as I didn’t abuse this, I could get two or three comic books per month. Up to a point, everything was Disney or Sonic the Hedgehog. The only exception was Spider-Man, Storm, and Power Man which I had gotten for free. Storm’s costume made me feel very awkward and so I stayed away from super-hero comics until the Spider-Man cartoon premiered.

My two favorite super-heroes have always been Spider-Man and Batman. I’m not sure why Spider-Man was a favorite, but I know Batman is due entirely to the Adam West show and Superfriends. Despite this, I ignored Batman: The Animated Series for years as well as most other super-hero shows. For some reason, Spider-Man broke that seal and I started watching the whole gamut of super-hero cartoons available at the time. I also decided to get more into super-hero comics, but I didn’t want to jump in during any long-running story-lines. Since this was around the time the Clone Saga began, this proved to be difficult and so I chose to start with Spider-Man 2099. The issue I picked up featured a scene with a woman stripping down. Nothing is seen, but since Storm’s costume made me feel awkward, this one made it seem as if I was reading full-on pornography and probably had a lasting effect on me because I still find it very hard to discuss things of that nature with other human beings who aren’t directly involved.