There’s a lot going on today but, for once, it’s good stuff! I just need to figure out what to post here today. Ah, I’m playing though Baldur’s Gate again. The first time I played through, it was as a gnomish wizard named Jerald. I kept dying horrible until I was advised to turn him into a fighter/mage. This was around the year 2000, and I eventually ported him over to Baldur’s Gate II but couldn’t play it until I got to college. After college, I would keep starting over with Baldur’s Gate. I switched to a half-elf mage of various magic-based classes and recently I started over again as a female half-elf bard. I drew her for the character portrait.

That’s her. She is named Xen. All my female PCs are named Xen. This has been a tradition for a very long time. Anyway, I’ll have something more substantial tomorrow. Just be aware that I really like Baldur’s Gate.