We’re going to talk about the second Third Attempt today. It won’t be that interesting, honestly, but I found the link. It’s a blog from eight years ago. The first Third Attempt is much more interesting, to a degree, but it’s all messed up and I need to fix some links on it so it’s navigable. Then, it can stay up as a relic from the far-flung past of July 2000.

The second Third Attempt came along when the Amazing Spider-Blog was going strong and Choose Your Own Blogventure was… well, just going. The first post tells me this and I’m not going to go in-depth with any of these descriptions because you can just go read the blog if you like. The only thing from the first post that’s telling is that I was trying to bury psychological and emotional issues at that point instead of confronting them. I also give myself two weeks until updates stop and I manage to get sporadic updates in every so often for several months instead.

On the site, I reviewed various things and tried to be a comic blogger like the ones I was really starting to read at the time. I talked about a lot of comics (hard to do without a scanner and any kind of stable income because I was sporadically employed at the time), Douglas Adams, Terry Pratchett, and some TV shows. I was really into aspects of the first season of Fringe and The Venture Brothers. I’m also already starting to get disillusioned by the end of the blog and while there’s some hopefulness there it quickly vanishes, and then I promise more updates on now defunct Fictosphere precursor Meekrat Entertainment Group.

Anyway, here was this boring post. I’d like to say I’ve improved in the last eight years.